Angry Chicken: No-fuss Korean fried food

With its neon writings and black lighting, Angry Chicken in Kreuzberg could be mistaken for an underground club. The take-out restaurant serves Korean-style fried chicken with a selection of spicy sauces. Starting from 3€ for a six-piece meal – it’s a change from the Turkish döners and the Italian mini pizzas when it comes to cheap food.

I decided to stick to the original Angry Chicken recipe, which came with a spicy cinnamon sauce that literally had me licking my fingers. The side order of crispy sweet potato chips was also worth it and definitely went well with the sweet tangy sauce. The only disappointment I had was the long wait, but I did go during the Championship League Finals so maybe it’s not as busy during a normal weekend.

Price: Cheap
Rating: 4/5
Final verdict: Delicious and affordable. Look forward to going back.

Angry Chicken

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