Beach volleyball in the city

When I was invited to play beach volleyball for the summer season, I was naive and geographically confused that we would actually head to the beach. Considering that the nearest ocean is 100 kilometers away from Berlin central, I soon realised that this wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by Beach Park 61, a sandy area filled with volleyball courts right in the concrete city.

Beach Park 61 is secluded away in Kreuzberg, and it’s about a ten-minute walk from Gleisdreieck station (U-Bahn 2 line). Apparently, it’s original location is even more tucked away and hipsters think that the new area is too mainstream. On a sunny day, the place gets quite busy and it’s popular with young peeps who enjoy sunbathing as much as spiking or digging.

Courts can be rented on a seasonal basis and are also hired out in two-hour blocks. There’s also a bungalow that serves drinks and basic food at pretty affordable prices.

Beach Park 61

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