Neues Museum

My goal is to eventually visit all the museums on Museum Island before the end of this year. The first museum I stepped into was the Neues Museum, and it was purely by chance as I thought I was buying a ticket for the Altes Museum. Judging from its name ‘The New Museum,’ I was expecting contemporary and modern art, so I was blown away and excited to see Egyptian artworks and prehistoric antiques.

In Melbourne, we don’t have much, if any, permanent collections of Egyptian artifacts. So I was pretty stoked strolling around Neues Museum and getting to see statues, tombs, and hieroglyphs. One of the highlights of the museum is Nefertiti’s Bust. The statue of the Great Royal Wife is over three centuries old was created by the sculptor Thutmose. As you can’t photograph in this exhibition space, the below photo is courtesy of Wikipedia.

Being a cat-lover, my favorite sculpture had to be of Bastet – the feline Egyptian goddess.

I spent a good two hours walking around the Neues Museum and viewing the exhibits. What I love about the museum is its architectural design, where there is plenty of open space with natural lighting coming in from the sky ceiling. There are not many places to sit and chill in the exhibition rooms, but nice sitting spots can be found in the main hallway entrance.

Neues Museum

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