Yes, there are indeed jobs in Berlin

Six weeks ago, I lamented about moving to Berlin without a job and possibly never finding one due the so-called economic climate… and also because Berlin has one of the highest percentage of unemployment in Germany. Thankfully, I’m happy to announce that after a month of being in Berlin, I’ve finally landed a job – a few jobs to be exact.

My main employer is in the tourism field, where I would have the opportunity to roll out full-marketing campaigns for its hostel, guesthouse, and sublet apartments. I’ve negotiated a part-time contract with this employer, so when I’m not in the office, I get to go consult a few startup tech companies in digital content, online advertising, and product management. It’s a fantastic work arrangement and I’m stoked that I’ve this lucky so far.

My advice to those who are also looking for employment in Berlin:

  • Network, network, and network. I came to Berlin knowing just one friend, so it’s bullshit if someone tells you that you initially need to have a bunch of friends in Berlin in order to find work. I ended up attending industry events, and just getting to know people on a personal level, rather than talking jargon about marketing and asking for jobs.
  • Research on the companies, the industry, and the influencers in the field you want to work in. Feel free to stalk them on Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Xing, Quora, blogs etc. Don’t be shy to connect with them or drop them a message.
  • Stress less and enjoy the city. I regret having spent a week at home worrying over finances and unemployment. Looking back, I should have just spent the time chilling at a cafe, discovering new restaurants, and signup to more random stuff on Gidsy.

The lesson learned here? Although Berlin could be a tough city when it comes to finding a job, it’s not impossible. As with everything, a bit of perseverance, positive attitude, and a hint of luck can go a very long way.


2 thoughts on “Yes, there are indeed jobs in Berlin

  1. I’ve found networking is the absolute best way to get a job in Berlin. Good on you for finding one so quick!

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