Screenprinting at Betahaus

My first taste of screenprinting was in high school where we had a professional digital screenprinter. If I had access to a device like that now, I would go go crazy with the design. But back then, I was stupid to have only printed by name; consisting of only two letters. I know, I know, it was such a wasted opportunity.

Well, I decided to redeem myself yesterday by attending an intro class to traditional screenprinting at Betahaus. I booked it through Gidsy, which I’ve fallen in love with, but that’s another blog post for another day.

The class was small (less than 10 people) and the instructor Josephine was friendly, helpful, and gave the workshop in German and English. This time around, I was more prepared, and had the Rapt Cat design ready to be printed and cut out. The inverted stencil outline was a bit strange and hideous, and even I had doubts how the image would turn out. Below is the image of the stencil:

Josephine had provided a few canvas tote bags for us to print on, and involved us in the process of printing our design on the fabric. And I must say, the Rapt Cat motif turned out to be fantastic in the end! In fact, everyone’s designs came out pretty nifty, and definitely worthy enough to sell on Etsy.

It was great for once to get my hands dirty with paint, and make a mess with leftover cutouts. Although there was line to get your hands on the one screenprinter, Josephine left scrap fabrics and some potatoes so you can carve handmade stamps while you waited. I tried carving a square outline, and it was a lot harder and messier than I thought.

I’m definitely recommending this workshop, whether you’re super creative, a hipster, or just curious about screenprinting.

Intro to Screenprinting @ Betahaus

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