Fräulein Frost: Cute ice-cream parlour

When I first stepped into Fräulein Frost,  I was a bit skeptical by just how great its homemade ice-cream could be. Sure the exterior was all cute, but judging by the majority of the crowd who were mainly mums and five-year-olds, what do they know about good ice-cream?

Yes, I’m one of those ice-cream snobs who could use just as many adjectives to describe the frozen dairy treat as a hipster would for a cup of coffee. The colour, texture, how it melts on your tongue, and the intricate flavours that unfold on your palette before lingering on until the next lick. Only another ice-cream fanatic would understand where I’m coming from.

Anyways, back to Fräulein Frost. As with any new ice-cream joint, I decided to get a scoop of the vanilla. I liked how they didn’t get all stingy with the vanilla beans as you can see the specks of vanilla covering the scoop. The ice-cream itself was very smooth and creamy,  but would have been perfect if it wasn’t so sweet. The sugary taste masked the subtle, richness of the vanilla.

Although the vanilla didn’t score a perfect 10, it also didn’t stop me from going back to Fräulein Frost to try the other flavours: mango lassi, orange buttermilk, cinnamon, chocolate, hazelnut, tiramisu, strawberry… Ok, so I went back a few times already. I have to say, the more novelty flavours were better tasting than the vanilla. I loved the orange buttermilk flavour as it was just the right balance of rich cream and citrus. The cinnamon ice-cream was also great as it’s a bit more different and I haven’t yet found this flavour anywhere else.

If you’re strolling through Neukölln on a sunny day, definitely stop by at Fräulein Frost and take a seat outside. It’s also a great place to do some people-spotting while you enjoy your cold treat.

Price: Affordable, 1€ a scoop
Rating: 4/5
Final verdict: Adorable design, lots of flavors to choose from.

Fräulein Frost

2 thoughts on “Fräulein Frost: Cute ice-cream parlour

  1. If you are impressed by Fräulein Frost you will freak out at Eismacher in Blücherstraße 37. I am sure you have never seen such like Ube ice cream – the purplest purple I know. Or Valrhona nougat ice cream…

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