Fantastic Mr. Residential Fox

Currently I live near Weißensee, a great big lake in the residential area of Berlin. In less than two weeks, I’ll be moving to the ultra hipster posh gentrified area of Prenzlauer Berg. Sure it would be kind of swell to be surrounded by cafes that will serve organic soy chai lattes, and enough vintage stores around to make me go broke. But nothing quite beats having your own quiet oasis just five minutes walk from your apartment, or occasionally being welcomed home by a fox.

Yes, that’s right, a fox. Some people think that because I come from Australia, I must be used to having dingos, kangaroos, emus, and crocodiles hanging out in my backyard. Well, like any other city folks, growing up in Melbourne meant the ‘wildest animal’ I had a close encounter with was either a magpie or a spitfire caterpillar.

Every time I see Mr. Residential Fox (yes, that’s what I’ve named him… who might also be a ‘she’), I can’t help but freeze with awe and stare at it with excitement. I always want to get really close to the fox, but end up backing away as soon as it takes a step towards my direction. Although it’s probably grown accustomed to people, I just don’t want to end up in those exposes about when animals attack.

Well, I’ll miss seeing this beautiful creature around, who has made me see foxes in a different light. Instead of picturing foxes as these snarly creatures, I now describe them as damn majestic and graceful.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr. Residential Fox

  1. so awesome!
    when I was in college, my dorm was located right by the woods so i got to see all sorts of animals (raccoon, skunk, rabbits, bambis). i see a lot of cockroaches in taipei… 😦

    Also, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it yet!

    • I’m yet to see a cockroach here… hope I don’t jinx myself. I have seen the film twice already, and I’m motivated to watch it again now. Hehe.

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