Hosting an Asian cooking class at Gidsy

I recently hosted a three-course Asian cooking class at the Gidsy office, and what I thought was going to be chaotic, ended up to be a fantastic evening with a group of strangers. I focused on a Summer menu with Vietnamese rice paper rolls, Taiwanese cold noodles, and a Thai-inspired fruit salad — it’s pretty much an idiot-proof menu as nothing could get burnt.

I’m in no way a professional cook; ask me to dice up a cucumber and I would suck at it. My love for cooking mainly stems from my love for eating and the lack of great tasting food that’s also affordable. Having lived in Taipei for two years, I was lucky enough to have travelled around Asia and experienced some delicious cuisines. I enjoyed talking to locals and getting to know what’s in the ‘special sauce’ or what exotic spices they’re putting into the fragrant meal.

Growing up, I also loved playing around with my food. I went through a phase where I would arrange different kinds of food in small groups on my plate, and then continue to eat them according to colour and texture. Then there was the time I was 9 years old and tried cooking 2-minute noodles on the stove, only to set part of the kitchen on fire. Oh, and let’s not forget the time I wanted to see how many ways you can melt a marshmallow.

I don’t think I would ever be featured in shows like Masterchef, or Iron Chef, but for now, I can have my 15 minutes of fame through my cooking classes. Having already sold out three sessions, it’s definitely a big ego-boost. Oh, and having my class mentioned in the radio program From Berlin To was also a highlight.

If you’re interested in joining my cooking classes, then you’re more than welcome to book via Gidsy or drop me a message. And for those who have attended my classes, thanks a bunch for the support and hope to see you all when I have the Autumn menu out!

*** UPDATE: 8 Aug, 2013 ***

So Gidsy died and now I’m running private cooking classes via requests. I occasionally list the cooking classes on Uniiverse.

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