Risotto: Cute restaurant only serving one kind of dish

I’m a big fan when it comes to risotto. So when I find a restaurant called Risotto that only serves my favourite kind of meal, I’m there within a heartbeat.

When you walk pass Risotto, it could be mistaken for a small cafe. However, the narrow-restaurant stretches out inside to fit seven large tables that can comfortably sit five people. The interior is very laid back with touches of wooden elements and low dim lighting. The small open-kitchen is right besides the counter so you can watch the chef cook your meal right before your eyes. I’m always a fan of transparent kitchens — maybe it has something to do with my skepticism over the actual cleanliness of most restaurants.

I ordered the herb chicken risotto with peas and it was brought to me within five minutes. It looked great, smelt delicious, but the meal was way too salty for my liking. I’m not sure if the chicken was over-marinated with salt, or the chef had put a teaspoon too many into the meal. The risotto also has a generous amount of lime in it, and the tangy saltiness of the whole dish didn’t sit well with me.

The restaurant did get quite busy around noon, with a lot of people ordering meals to go. So I’m thinking maybe it’s just my risotto that came out unpleasant. I really want to like this place, as I love the concept and the decor. If I’m ever around this area again, I’ll give Risotto another go and probably order something else.

Price: Affordable, around 5€ for a bowl of risotto.
Rating: 3.5/5
Final verdict: Nice environment, but nothing special.

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