I can’t sew, but I made a sock monkey

I attended Nadine’s Sock Monkey workshop the other day and produced something only the maker could love. The class was held at Etsy Labs in Kreuzberg, which provided a cosy and inspirational space to sew and stuff socks.


My ability to sew is pretty poor. Just to give you an idea, I didn’t know how to slip stich before coming to the class. I did run into some minor accidents where I stabbed myself with the needle a few times — no pain, no gain, right?


Throughout the evening, it was nice to see everyone’s sock monkey coming together nicely. Mine was a bit demented; one of the ears was twisted, the mouth was crooked, and there was something just not quite right about it. I decided to play up the imperfections by giving him an eye-patch, and a bow-tie just for kicks. I think I’ll call him Mr. Knickerbocker.


Well, at least the cat also likes him.


If you’re looking to have a go in making your own sock monkey, you can book one of Nadine’s classes via Gidsy.

One thought on “I can’t sew, but I made a sock monkey

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