W Hotels: Social media done right

Here’s a story of Starwood’s W Hotel doing something every brand and company should be doing: listening and responding to fans on social media.

When I lost my beloved W Hotel pen at work, I turned to Twitter to vent:


You see, it wasn’t just one of those crappy  merchandise pens. The W Hotel pen sits perfectly on a desk due to its angular shape, and the soft-grip coating makes it smooth to touch. The ballpoint works effortless and produces the right amount of thickness.

Ok, back to the story.

So surely enough, I got a tweet back from @WHotels and was ecstatic by the response.

twitter-yiiee-w-hotel-pen-screenshot-tweet 2

After a few e-mail exchanges and crossing my fingers, these bad boys arrived in the mail for me the other day.


The small gesture has definitely won me over as a loyal fan. Now my only problem is deciding whether to keep all the pens to myself, or give them out to colleagues so they won’t have to take mine again.


Note: I’m not affiliated with W Hotels or Starwood — although if they are hiring a digital strategist…

W Hotels


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