Glass degustation menu review

Berlin is a city where you can get 2€ döners, 7€ restaurant meals and where anything above 20€ is considered as expensive. So when a friend suggested to treat ourselves for the new year and head to Glass for a 65€ set menu, it definitely raised an eyebrow from me.

I read a lot of disappointing reviews for this restaurant, mainly related to the portions of food. But let’s get one thing straight, it’s a degustation menu so of course, everything will be tiny with garnishes where you’re not sure if it’s to eat or just decorations.

We had the six-course degustation menu and two things blew me away: the pumpkin soup and the infamous Candy Box dessert. It was probably the most tastiest and creamiest pumpkin soup I’ve had and the additions of the pomegranate and apples were a nice touch.

The dessert is something that blows everyone away. It’s spectacular to watch and the scattered ensemble of gummi bears, pop rocks, popcorn, marshmallow and Oreo crumbs was just delightful.


There are no words to really describe this so watch the video below instead:

I liked how the restaurant wasn’t pretentious-looking but did feel that it lacked warm ambience. The tables were spread out, leaving a large empty space in the middle. It felt more like a cafe than a fine-dining restaurant. It was cold and raining outside so perhaps that didn’t really help. What I also liked is that the chef, Gal Ben Moshe, went to each table to personally introduce himself and prepare some of the dishes.


Overall, I enjoyed the dining experience and surprisingly, I wasn’t so hungry walking out the door. It’s definitely a restaurant for a special occasion or simply if you just want to treat yourself.


Price: Expensive
Rating: 4/5
Final verdict: The Candy Box alone is worth going.

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