4 Best Pet Tortoise you can have!

Thinking of keeping a Pet Tortoise? Read ahead to find out which one you should have!

The first image that comes to mind of tortoise is small, cute, mushy creatures that cannot harm anyone. but seen large sized tortoise makes this perception a bit shaky. Tortoise belongs to the Kingdom Reptilia and has very dry and scaly skin, that is why they do not shed hair which makes them more likely to be kept as pets.

if you are planning to buy a tortoise as pet, you definitely needs a heads up on which specie you should get. that’s because not every tortoise can be a good pet. So, here are top four tortoise that prove to be amazing pets!

1. Galapagos Tortoise

Galapagos tortoises are not tiny creatures in the family of reptiles. As the myth follows, the tortoise is the most sluggish creature in the world, and this species is no exception to that. Though Galapagos tortoises can move fastest in the pedigree of tortoises, yet they can only move about 13 kilometers in two days. An interesting fact about these tortoises is that they do justice to their size and have an incredible metabolism which makes them surpass the drought phase, i.e., they can survive a hundred years without eating and drinking.

Galapagos Pet Tortoise

The female Galapagos tortoises are so slack when they come to the pool as if they have nothing in their mind. There is a manzanillo tree that has a very poisonous fruit. Still, Galapagos tortoises love them, and this fruit proves to be useful for them as they reach up to two hundred years without getting any ulcers in the stomach because of this fruit. The procedure of taking birth of these baby Galapagos tortoises is so smearing because they are born in a sand hole that is pee soaked by their mother. They are found in an island named after them, and people of that island love to keep them as a pet. These are the best tortoise for pets for the inhabitants of Galapagos island.

Fun Fact: Male Galapagos tortoise cannot smell a female Galapagos tortoise unless she drinks water, a scent arouses and reaches the nostrils of the male, and he starts his quest for the female Galapagos tortoise.

2. Leopard tortoise

It is the fifth-largest tortoise in the world.  They have scaly skin along with a beautiful pattern from which their name originated. They look super cool due to their patterned shell.

Leopard pet tortoise

There is a nuchal scute in all the tortoise, which protects their head from outer invasion. However, Leopard tortoise do not have nuchal scute. Instead they have rigging in the place of nuchal scute. They have very thick and sturdy legs, which help them in being defensive by sticking well to the ground while they keep hitting their shell into other’s bodies until they feel safe. Interestingly, they do so to get the attention of the female leopard tortoise for procreation.

Leopard tortoises are the best pets for those areas where the temperature is moderate. They eat grass or any kind of vegetation they find and do not have teeth. They grasp food and tear it through their nook-like mouth. they have a strong sense of smell which helps then in finding food for themselves. Furthermore, they have scoops on their shell made up of keratin and cannot be the active food for most predators due to their thick, hefty shell, which is why they are the best leopard tortoise pets.

Interesting fact: Leopard tortoise can hold their breath for almost 10 minutes underwater and survive for months without water. Isn’t that cool?

3. African Tortoise

African spurred tortoise is often known as Sulcata tortoise. They are found in Africa, as their name suggests, and are big in size. You can often see these in abundance in the desert of the Sahara. People are more concerned about having Sulcata tortoise pets because of their delicate nature. These tortoises have spurred thighs. This species has got really big diggers on their legs through which they dig the really big holes. It is the third-largest species of tortoise on this planet Earth. They dig holes along with their mates and live about 50 to 60 feet down the surface of the Earth. They live happily at 60 to 70 degrees centigrade. So, if you wish to keep these tortoises as pets, then you have to maintain that temperature.

These are herbivores and walk several miles in search of food. They nibble on their food. People who live in countries where the temperature is hot are more likely to keep African tortoise pets.  

People keep Sulcata tortoises as pets because of their age range. Their age ranges from 145 to 150 years or even more, so they can be a companion through generations. Sulcata tortoise pet is so cute and tender that no one can let them go. The best thing about these is that they are not aggressive so do not attack their caretakers at all. Thus, you can happily keep Sulcata tortoise as pets.

Interesting fact: The word Sulcata comes from the Latin word “sulcus” which means ‘furrow’. Because of the deep lines or furrows, on African tortoise’s shells, they are also called as Sulcata.

4. Russian tortoise

Russian pets are also among the best tortoise for a pet. There are a lot of reasons why they make good pets, and some are described below. The first thing that makes them the best tortoise for an indoor pet is their compact size. Males stay smaller throughout their lives while females become enormous if compared with males. They are so bijou that no one can keep himself from buying.

If you’re a vegetarian and don’t want to feed your pet protein or any kind of meat, then this is the best tortoise pet for you. All they eat is grass or any kind of greens. They also eat rose petals, dandelions, and hibiscus flowers as their food.

They have a relatively less age than African spurred tortoises, yet they live a very long life, almost 50 years.

Their personality is pretty stupendous as they don’t get to their shell when someone touches them. They are super brave and sturdy. The Russian tortoise is more active than other species of Testudinidae. If you’re looking for a small, cute yet friendly tortoise, you should think about getting a Russian tortoise as a pet. Thus, it is safe to say that Russian tortoises are the best tortoise for a pet.

Super-Cute Fact: You will find Russian tortoise around you when they feel hungry as if they know that you will feed them just like puppies do.

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