6 Cutest Turtles Species You Should know About + Fun Facts

Looking for cutest turtles to pet? Read ahead for best cutest turtles species you can get.

We all know that there is nothing cuter than baby animals. Whether it is a cub or a pup, we all love them to death. But have you ever given turtles a thought? While turtles make great pets and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, some of the species are so cute that you can’t take your eyes off them. And if you still don’t believe me, here’s a list of cutest turtles that are sure to win your heart by their irresistible cuteness.

1. Stinkpot turtle

This cute little turtle is also known as Common Musk Turtle, and before diving into this cutest turtle’s features and qualities, here is a picture of a cute stinkpot turtle’s baby.

cutest turtles

While stinkpot turtle is amongst the world’s cutest turtles, it is known for its peculiar and distinctive foul-smelling odor, which it releases from its musk glands when it feels threatened or is in danger. If you are planning to adopt this cutest turtle, make sure you make it feel safe and secure; otherwise, you are probably going to need lots and lots of air freshener and perfume.

Not just this, if you purchase a cute baby turtle of stinkpot species, you must prepare yourself for a lifelong commitment because they are not going to leave you so quickly. The average lifespan of stinkpot turtles is 55 years. Furthermore, no matter how old they get, their overloaded cuteness will never make you get tired of them.

This cute turtle species is easy to keep as pets and is readily available at pet stores throughout the United States. You can feed this cute turtle anything from insects to fish and mollusks.

2. Mississippi Map turtle

Next on our list of the world’s cutest turtles is the Mississippi map turtle, also called False map turtle. It takes its name from the fact that they are most commonly found in the rivers of Mississippi and Missouri. Here is this cute turtle image.

cutest turtles

Fun Fact:  This cute little turtle is on the top of the list of the most striking and attractive pet snakes in the world.

The Mississippi map turtle has a beautiful olive-colored covering or carapace with dark spots and map-like yellow lines on their backshells hence the name map turtles. In addition to this, this cutest turtle ever is a semi-aquatic breed which means that it can partially live on the land and partly in the water. If you are planning to keep this turtle as a pet, you should know that this cute turtle is very timid and swims away whenever it senses even the slightest of rage and aggression. All you want to give to this cutest turtle is love and lots of care.

If you are a turtle enthusiast, the map turtle is for you because they are easy to provide for and are very shy and sensitive, especially when it comes to the quality of water you are keeping them in. So, make sure you keep their water tank clean at all times. Their diet is pretty simple as they are omnivores. You can feed them food from both animal as well as plant resources, and they won’t even complain.

3. The painted turtle

Have you ever seen a turtle that looks as if God has painted it with such delicacy and perfection? If not, then this world’s cutest turtle is sure to blow your mind away.

cutest turtles

The attractive red-colored lines on the body of this cute turtle species are the reason for its uniqueness and fame amongst turtle lovers. In fact, the Painted turtle is considered the most charming and the cutest turtle in the United States. Not just this, they are also readily available at any pet store. That’s because they are available large quantities and are also being used for educational purposes.

If you plan to buy these cute painted turtles, you are sure to be captivated and fascinated by their beautiful and bewitching colors. Their average lifespan is about 30-40 years so consider yourself getting a lifetime cutest turtle pet. The painted turtles are also semi-aquatic, just like the Mississippi map turtles.

Fun Fact: For feeding these turtles, you must place them in water first. That’s because they are unable to move their tongue when on land.

Feeding these cutest turtles ever is very easy as they are not so choosy about their diet. You can feed them both plants and small animals.

4. Eastern box Turtle 

Another cute pet turtle you can keep if you are a turtle fan is the eastern box turtle belonging to the subspecies of box turtles. This beautiful and cutest turtle has a mocha-colored carapace with eye-catching orange-colored markings. Here is a cute turtle picture.

While eastern box turtles are known to be the cutest turtles globally, they sure don’t like to be petted. If you have experience with dogs or cats as pets, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be good with this breed. You have to provide them with a wild habitat imitating their natural habitat. This breed lives happily outdoors, where they can bask in the sun and absorb all the vitamin D they need to become big and healthy. You can also buy a cute turtle swimming pool for this one as they love to swim around.

Fun Fact: This cutest turtle breed likes to poop in the water. They can also eat their poop if the water is not changed (Gross, I know).

While eastern box turtles are not so picky about their diet, they sure love to eat insects and worms along with vegetables and green leaves. In addition, if you are planning on keeping this cute turtle species as pets, you need to take extra care of them. That’s because eastern box turtles are always trying to escape to their natural wild habitat if not provided with the same. The stress from continuously wanting to escape makes them sick, and they can literally die from it.

5. African Aquatic Sideneck turtle

This charming yet cutest breed of turtle is going to be your new best friend. They are pretty easy to keep and provide for. These are also easily available at any of the local pet stores. They are known as side neck turtles because they can retract their necks sideways. The lateral built of their vertebrates allows them to move their neck from side to side quickly. Imagine how adorable they will look bending their neck and looking directly at you while you talk to them.

This cutest turtle is also known as the African mud turtle since their original wild habitat is mud, lagoons, and streams. And if you want to house this turtle, make sure you provide it with enough space to maximize its wellbeing. This cutest turtle loves to swim around, so make sure you keep nothing less than 40 gallons of water in their tank. Also, don’t forget to design their cute turtle tank in such a way that they get the chance to go out whenever they want to and bask in the sun.

Lucky for you if you are a turtle enthusiast, this cutest breed of turtle eats almost anything from insects and worms to leafy vegetables and fruits. Another thing that is unusual for this cute turtle species is that you can also feed them food from animal sources such as cooked chicken and beef hearts. They are sure never going to complain about you feeding them other animals!

In addition to this, they will become your lifelong friends because their average lifespan is almost fifty years. They are sure going to stick around for a while!

6. Red-eared slider turtle

Last but not least on our cutest turtle’s list is the red-eared slider turtle. While you may be thinking turtles don’t have ears, let me show you this cute turtle picture first.

Now you would know why they are called red-eared turtles. It’s because they have a red-colored patch on the side of their head. According to some of the wildlife facts, they are semi-aquatic and are amongst the most popular cute turtles.

If you plan to buy this cute little turtle, make sure you buy the right size aquarium for this one because their habitat affects their overall wellbeing and health.

Fun Fact: An aquarium that can accommodate 20 gallons of water is required for a cute baby red-eared turtle. While an adult requires a minimum of 80 gallons of water in their tank.

Another thing about this turtle that is going to blow your mind away is that it is illegal to sell a cute baby turtle of this species in the United States. That’s because the baby is thought to carry Salmonella on its skin and shell. So, make sure you don’t get carried away by their cuteness!

Just like the African aquatic side neck turtles, you can feed them anything as they are not picky about their diet. Just toss some fresh vegetables once every three days, and they are happy to live with you!

Make sure you keep this cute turtle’s tank clean and change the water once in a while for obvious reasons. No one likes to live dirty, especially the red-eared slider turtle. And don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and plain water whenever you handle these cute little turtles.

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