The short: Sometimes we just need to be a rapt cat and notice the smaller things in life that make us excited, enthused, and eager.

And the long: It’s true that one sporadic action leads to a spiral of random events, and before you know it, you’ve ended up where you are now.

This whole shenanigans began with winning the competition Taiwan Best Trip where I got paid to travel around Taiwan for a week with a friend. After coming back, I decided spontaneously to purchase a one-way ticket to Taipei, leaving behind my friends, family, and a well-paid corporate job. There were no big goodbye parties or celebration drinks. Just a short, ambiguous Facebook update: Leaving Melbourne now.

Having lived in Taipei for two years and after travelling to nearly 20 different cities around Asia, I decided to pack my bags again and head to Berlin; leaving friends and a job behind again.

I like to tell it how it is, so my posts are straightforward, naive, random and sometimes just plain boring.

I’m a digital strategist, food-lover, graffiti-chaser, knick-knacks-collector, obsessed with cute animals, and shameless gadgets addict. You can follow me on Twitter or Flickr.


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